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      GeneProberTM labeled and unlabeled probes for various genes for
      Southern based genotyping.
      PCRProberTM labeled probes for PCR based detection
      GenemerTM Optimized primer sets for genotyping of various

      RT-PCRmerTM and OligoProberTM
      Oligo d(T) primers
      Random Primers (Hexamers and others)
      labeled with various fluorescent dyes, digoxigenin and C-12 amino
      for conjugation to ligands

      Sequencing Primers

      Oligo Design & Analysis
      Oligo ExplorerTM
      Oligo Resuspension Calculator
      Oligo Tm Calculator

      Unmodified Oligonucleotides
      Modified Oligonucleotides
      Molecular Beacons/Fluorescent Molecular Probes
      RNA and 2' O methyl Oligos
      Phosphorothioate & Antisense Oligonucleotides
      Chimeric Oligos
      Phosphonate Oligos
      Custom Spiking and Custom Column
      Duplex Stability and Nuclease Resistance
      Epigenetics and Cytosine Methylation (5-methyl-dC and

      RNA and 2' O methyl Oligos
      RNAi ExplorerTM
      RNAi ExplorerTM product line and price list
      Guaranteed RNAi ExplorerTM Kit
      Guaranteed RNAi ExplorerTM
      shRNA ExplorerTM

      Fluorophore labeled primers
      TaqMan Probes
      Molecular Beacons/Fluorescent Molecular Probes
      Other Fluorescent Molecular Probes

      The Omni-CleanTM System
      The Omni-PureTM Plasmid Purification System
      The Omni-PureTM Genomic DNA Purification System
      Viral DNA and RNA Purification
      Microbial DNA Purification
      Plant DNA Purification
      Omni-cDNATM First Strand cDNA
      Omni-mRNATM Pooled Reference mRNA
      Omni-ArrayTM mRNA Amplification System
      Omni-MarkerTM Unlabeled DNA Molecular Weight Markers
      GScanTM Fluorescent Dye-labeled Molecular Weight Markers

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