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Pharmacogenomics Gene Assays


Introducing GeneAssays, the most comprehensive and customized gene expression analysis service available today. In this era of high throughput analysis Gene Link stands next to you as your most trusted partner in gene expression analysis. Our experienced staff will help you design the most cost effective solution to your gene expression analysis needs. The philosophy Geneassay is unlike any other offer in the market. Our scientists work closely with you in trying to offer, “what you need” and not “what is available”. Our range includes any known gene in the entire human, mouse and rat genome and most of the other genomes. Depending on your research application, equipment, reagent and training available in your lab, our scientists will customize the most suitable geneassay which will offer you the most economic solution to reaching your research goal. The types of assays involved in this system are PCR, RT-PCR, Single tube RT-PCR, NASBA, Single tube NASBA, RNA ELISA, etc. Detection and quantitation technologies include gel electrophoresis, Sybr green, Taqman, Molecular Beacon and FRET probes. Our personalized geneassays are designed totally with your application in mind, as a result you will get a solution at a cost cheaper than what it will take for you design yourself, as we charge only for those genes which we provide you a solution for and not for those we cannot.

How does it work?

• A scientist decides which genes he/she wants to study and identifies the infrastructural facilities available in the lab/group.
• Scientist visits the Custom GeneAssays page and shares the information with us with a full confidentiality agreement and asks us for a quote.
• We customize a number of solutions for the group and offer a quote
• The scientist chooses the most suitable solution and places the order
• We design all the assays and execute the order
• The scientist performs the tests and with close co-operation with our scientists and achieves his/her scientific goals.

What is so unique about this system?
• This is the first time any company has offered all these solutions under one roof
• The flexibility of the system allows the customer to totally customize an assay for himself/herself For most companies relationship with a customer finishes with the completion of the sale, for Gene Link Geneassays , it is only the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.
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