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Ordering Gene Link Products

Ordering Standard
Catalog Products

If you know the catalog number or product name, please user our Quick Order Form

The Product lines that have standard catalog items are:

Alternate Email Ordering Option

On occasions when the online ordering system is down or if it is convenient for you to email. Please email your order in the text of the message or as an Excel spreadsheet attachment.

A confirmation is sent for all email orders.


Ordering Custom
Oligonucleotide Products

There are several product lines that specialize in making custom oligonucleotides. Each custom oligonucleotide product-line has a specific order form. You can access any of these custom oligo order forms from the list below.

Custom Oligos / Fluorescent Probes
DNA, RNA, Methyl, Chimeric, Taqman & Molecular Beacons, Fluorescent Primers & Probes, Phosphorothioate, Phosphonate

-Classic Ordering >
(one after another with detailed oligo analysis feature)

-Multiple Oligos >

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