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Guaranteed RNAi ExplorerTM Kit*. 3+1 siRNA

Guaranteed RNAi ExplorerTM. *Minimum 70% silencing.

You simply give us the accession number or sequence for the gene to down regulate. Gene Link designs siRNA's using published criteria's and proprietary algorithms. Gene Link guarantees a minimum of 70% silencing of your gene with at least one of the siRNA supplied. Three target and a negative control siRNA will be supplied. All for $960.00

Guaranteed RNAi Explorer Kit is only available for Human and Mouse Reference Sequence (RefSeq) Accession Numbers.

- 3 specific target siRNAs custom synthesized by Gene Link, plus 1 negative control. Each siRNA is supplied annealed and ready to use after reconstitution. 2 nmols of each siRNA duplex is supplied.
- Guarantee: Gene Link guarantees a minimum of 70% silencing of your gene with at least one of the siRNA supplied. Gene Link will synthesize another set of 3 siRNA if evidence is provided that none of the provided siRNA was functional in achieving a minimum of 70% silencing.
- Let Gene Link design and supply the custom RNAi ExplorerTM Kit* and you simply knock out a gene!


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*RNAi and siRNA
RNA interference (RNAi) is a specific and sequence dependent targeted gene silencing activity. RNAi acts by post transcriptional degradation of mRNA by small interfering RNAs (siRNA's) of the same sequence. The silencing approaches 100% and has to be empirically determined and optimized. Not every siRNA can effectively down regulate a gene. The process of RNA interference varies by individual siRNA while some do not exhibit any interference at all.

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