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Genetic Tools and Reagents

Genetic Tools & Reagents

Gene Link presents a product line of high quality kits for the molecular biology laboratory. The Omni-ReagentsTM series have been designed and thoroughly tested for performance and exceed most comparable products in ease of use, quality and yield.

Gene Link offers a variety of DNA and RNA purification and concentration systems. Each system has been optimized for reproducible and consistent results, yielding ultra high quality DNA and RNA suitable for all molecular biology applications.


The Omni-CleanTM system provides optimized reagents for rapid extraction of DNA from agarose gels, and for routine concentration of DNA. The DNA is concentrated, purified and completely salt-free. The Omni-CleanTM DNA concentration system is a time saving and inexpensive alternate to routine ethanol precipitation.

Omni-PureTM Plasmid Purification System

Routine mini-preps of plasmid extraction are made even easier with consistent performance. Purification can be performed with a maximum of 3 ml of cells yielding up to 20 µg of purified DNA. The convenient spin column method can be scaled up by using multiple columns and processed in less than 30 minutes. The purified DNA is of high quality suitable for all molecular biology applications including direct use in fluorescent automated sequencing methods.

Omni-PureTM Genomic DNA Purification System

The Omni-PureTM Genomic DNA purification system is designed for convenience and consistency. It is a universal genomic DNA purification system. Ultra pure genomic DNA can be purified from small amounts of almost all known sample types and sources. Samples from human blood, bodily fluids, animal and plant tissue and microbial and viral sources have been purified using the Omni-PureTM Genomic DNA purification system. One purification is usually sufficient to yield enough DNA for all molecular biology applications.


Gene Link provides a convenient source of high quality first strand cDNA prepared from freshly obtained tissue and appropriately frozen during transportation. First strand cDNA is useful for amplifying a particular cDNA using PCR.


A unique blend of amplified high quality mRNA purified from various tissues. Omni-mRNATM pooled reference mRNA is compatible with all commercially available labeling systems. Other applications of pooled reference mRNA include RNA ELISA, Quantigene, HPSA, and a number of other RNA amplification/detection systems. Omni-mRNATM pooled reference mRNA size distribution is from ~5 kb to 200 bp. These can also be used for cloning mRNA of interest by RTPCR.


Universal and Low unlabeled DNA markers contain a blend of fragments ranging from 50 base pairs to 10 kb. The universal contains fragments of the following sizes; 10 kb, 8 kb, 6 kb, 4 kb, 3 kb, 2 kb, 1.55 kb, 1.4 kb, 1 kb, 750 bp, 500 bp, and 400 bp. The "low" version contains fragments from 50 bp to 2 kb. The low Omni-MarkerTM is ideal for routine PCR gels. A loading of 5 µl is sufficient per lane.

GScanTM Fluorescent Dye-labeled Molecular Weight Markers
GScan MarkerTM

Genetic Analyzer Fluorescent Fluorescent-labeled DNA markers for precise and high resolution fragment sizing.Applications for genetic analysis of microsatellites, SNP, allelic discrimination, polymorphic fragment analysis and triple repeat amplification with fluorescent dyes require the parallel co-migration of appropriate molecular weight markers for accurate determination of fragment size. GScan markers have been especially developed for the above applications. These are supplied ready to load and provide highly consistent fragment sizing.

Omni-ArrayTM mRNA Amplification System

Global mRNA amplification compatible with all labeling and detection systems. A universal method that performs global mRNA amplification, while maintaining the relative proportions comparable to the original sample is the Omni-ArrayTM mRNA amplification system. This system is compatible with all labeling and detection systems. Samples which were previously thought to be too small for microarray or other genome wide study can now be amplified using the Omni-ArrayTM mRNA amplification system.

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