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Gene Expression Assays

Expand Your Research

Gene Link custom synthesizes DME PCT for all TaqMan Drug Metabolism Genotyping Assays. You design by using our unique online design center using the rs number for the DME assay or email us and we will design and synthesize it for you. DME Assays detect biologically important polymorphisms that reside in complex portions of the genome. These polymorphisms have been associated with certain diseases such as cancer, and have been shown to significantly impact drug efficiency.

Gene Link provides over 5,200 Positive Control Templates (PCT) to genotype over 2,600 high value polymorphisms located in regulatory elements and coding regions for 220 drug metabolism and transporter genes. These PCT are manufactured by Gene Link for all Taqman® SNP Genotyping Assays including Drug Metabolism Enzymes(DME Assays).

  • Select individual assays for your drug metabolism studies
  • Study single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), multiple nucleotide polymorphisms (MNPs), and insertions/deletions (In/Dels) on one platform
  • Results You Can Rely On Gene Link manufactured premium synthetic positive control templates (PCT)
  • Get started immediately by designing your own PCT using Gene Link unique online design center or email us the rs number and we will design the DME Assay PCT.
  • Easy online ordering.
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