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Single Cell RNA Sequencing: MULTI-seq LMO from Gene Link

 Single Cell RNA Sequencing: MULTI-seq LMO

We offer custom oligo synthesis of your designed sequences for conjugation to lignoceric acid and palmitic acid for MULTI-seq: sample multiplexing for single-cell RNA sequencing. Contact Gene Link support@genelink.com

Lipid modified oligos (LMO; lignoceric, palmitic, cholesterol etc.); These LMO rapidly and stably incorporate into the plasma membrane of live cells by step-wise assembly. McGinnis, C. et al. (1) adapted LMOs into MULTI-seq: scRNA-seq (single-cell) and snRNA-seq (single-nucleus) sample multiplexing using lipid-tagged indices. MULTI-seq localizes sample barcodes to live cells and nuclei regardless of species or genetic background while preserving cell viability and endogenous gene expression patterns.

MULTI-Seq LMO Lig Anchor and MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor oligos are lignoceric and palmitic acid conjugated oligos as described by McGinnis, C. et al. (1)

1. McGinnis, C. et al. MULTI-seq: sample multiplexing for single-cell RNA sequencing using lipid-tagged indices. Nat. Methods 16, 619-626 (2019).

   Catalog No.    ProductPDF GuideManualMSDSSizePrice.Quantity 
26-2202-02MULTI-Seq LMO Lig-Anchor; 2 nmols 2 nmols$483.00
26-2202-05 MULTI-Seq LMO Lig-Anchor; 5 nmols 5 nmols$641.00
26-2202-10MULTI-Seq LMO Lig-Anchor; 10 nmols 10 nmols$959.00
26-2202-20 MULTI-Seq LMO Lig-Anchor; 20 nmols 20 nmols$1,276.00
26-2204-02MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor; 2 nmols 2 nmols$483.00
26-2204-05 MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor; 5 nmols 5 nmols$641.00
26-2204-10MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor; 10 nmols 10 nmols$959.00
26-2204-20 MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor; 20 nmols 20 nmols$1,276.00
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