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Redox Electrochemical - Introduction

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Introduction to Redox Electrochemical

Electrochemical sensors based on the target-induced folding or unfolding of electrode-bound oligonucleotides, including sensors for the detection of specific nucleic acids by hybridization and using aptamers for proteins and other small molecules including drugs and metabolites. These devices, which are often termed electrochemical DNA (E-DNA) and E-AB (electrochemical, aptamer-based) sensors, are comprised of an oligonucleotide probe modified with a redox reporter like ferrocene or methylene blue at one terminus and attached to a gold electrode via a thiol-gold bond at the other. Binding of an analyte to the oligonucleotide probe changes its structure and dynamics, which, in turn, influences the efficiency of electron transfer to the interrogating electrode. This class of sensors perform well even when challenged directly with blood serum, soil and other complex, multi-component sample matrices.

Gene Link also offers various modifications that can be used for conjugation to solid surfaces with either thiol, amino or carboxyl groups. Other bifunctional groups like EMCH are also available. Various fluorescent dyes can also be used in conjunction with redox dyes for signal detection using FRET.

Redox Electrochemical Modifications
Product Code Catalog No. 50 nmol scale (XX=05) 200 nmol scale (XX=02) 1 mmol scale (XX=01) 2 mmol scale (XX=03) 10 mmol scale (XX=10) 15 mmol scale (XX=15)










Methylene Blue Azide









Methylene blue NHS









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