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1. Design your oligo sequence in an excel file with Gene Link modification codes in the sequence. Copy and paste the sequence in the sequence field.

2. Sequence Example: This can be pasted in the sequence field.

3. Modification codes are at this link. and Modification Reference Categories are at this link.

4. For degenerate (mixed bases) positions use the following IUB codes. R=A+G; Y=C+T; M=A+C; K=G+T; S=G+C; W=A+T; H=A+T+C; B=G+T+C; D=G+A+T; V=G+A+C; N=A+C+G+T.

5.Scale of synthesis and standard yield based on oligo length is at this link.
Enter Sequence in 5'-3' orientation
PLEASE SEE ABOVE GUIDELINES. Use modification codes. for all modifications. NO other characters, no spaces, no hard returns.
Size: %CG: mw: Tm: EC: ug/A260: nmol/A260:
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