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Photo Cleavable Oligonucleotide Synthesis

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Photo Cleavable

PC Biotin Phosphoramidite exhibits similar properties to our popular 5'-biotin phosphoramidite.P> 1. It is fully compatible with all forms of DNA synthesis, cleavage and deprotection.
2. It contains a DMT group, which allows quantification of the coupling efficiency when removed on the synthesizer, or it can be used as a purification tag in the DMT-ON purification technique.
3. As an alternative to DMT-ON purification, simple capture of the PC Biotin oligo effects purification from failure sequences, which contain no biotin.
4. PC Biotin is rapidly and quantitatively cleaved from the 5'-terminus of the oligonucleotide using near-UV light at 300 þ 350nm.
5. After photocleavage, a 5'-phosphate is generated on the DNA, rendering it suitable for further biological transformations, like gene construction and cloning after ligation.

Amino- and thiol-modified oligonucleotides have proven to be very useful for the attachment of a variety of haptens and fluorophores, as well as for the tethering of the oligonucleotides to a diversity of beads and surfaces. Clearly, the addition of a photocleavable linkage to these products would be desirable. PC Amino-Modifier Phosphoramidite brings the same versatility as PC Biotin to its field of endeavor. For the final word in versatility, PC Spacer Phosphoramidite can be used as an intermediary to attach any modification reagent, available as a phosphoramidite, to the terminus of an oligonucleotide. And, as always in the PC family, subsequent photocleavage is fast and efficient, providing DNA appropriate for further biological determination or transformation.

Modifications for Oligo Synthesis
Product Code Catalog No. 50 nmol scale (XX=05) 200 nmol scale (XX=02) 1 umol scale (XX=01) 2 umol scale (XX=03) 5 umol scale (XX=06) 10 umol scale (XX=10) 15 umol scale (XX=15)
CNVK Photo Cross Linker [cnvK] 26-6539 $394.00 $394.00 $514.00 $659.00 $2,313.00 $1,869.00 $2,335.00
PC Amino C6 (Photocleavable) [PCAmC6] 26-6690 $184.00 $184.00 $227.00 $356.00 $1,021.50 $1,814.00 $2,268.00
PC Biotin (photocleavable) [PCBio] 26-6691 $177.00 $177.00 $319.00 $414.00 $1,435.50 $2,549.00 $3,186.00
PC Linker (photocleavable) [PCL] 26-6888 $313.00 $313.00 $356.00 $443.00 $1,602.00 $2,851.00 $3,564.00
PC Spacer C3 (photocleavable) [PC-Sp-C3] 26-6889 $184.00 $184.00 $270.00 $448.00 $1,215.00 $1,814.00 $2,268.00
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