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Premium DNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Price List for Unmodified DNA Oligonucleotides
Unmodified Oligonucleotides (price per base)
Product 50 nmol scale 200 nmol scale 1 umol scale 2 umol scale 10 umol scale 15 umol scale
Catalog No. 26-6400-05 26-6400-02 26-6400-01 26-6400-03 26-6400-10 26-6400-15
Unmodified Oligonucleotides $0.50 $0.90 $1.95 $2.95 $19.50 $27.65

Same Day Oligo Service
Same Day Oligo Service $20.00 per oligo (Must order by 12 PM EST Time)

Certain experiments cannot wait for an extra day. When such is the case, order our Same Day Oligo service. The custom oligo will be shipped the same day for next day am or pm delivery. Order should be received before 12 noon; this service is for oligos shorter than 30mer and will be synthesized only on a 200nmol scale. Gel picture and A 260 will not be provided. Gel picture will be mailed if requested. Confirmation required.

Gel Purification

All Gene Link oligos shorter than 40 mer do not require further purification if the applicaton is for PCR or sequencing. 20 mer oligo synthesized at a coupling efficiency of 99.5% will contain ~90% full length 20 mer and a mixture of truncated sequences of ~10%. As the length of the oligo increases, even at a coupling efficiency of 99.5%, the yield of the full length oligo is reducing. A 60 mer crude product will contain ~75% full-length oligo and similarly a 100 mer will contain ~60%. Purification is strongly recommended for oligos longer than 50 mer.

Purification (price per oligo)
Product Catalog No. 50 nmol scale 200 nmol scale 1 mmol scale 2 mmol scale 10 mmol scale 15 mmol scale
Gel Purification 26-6400-XX 75.00 75.00 150.00 280.00 1500.00 1800.00
Reverse Phase Cartridge 26-6400-XX 30.00 30.00 90.00 170.00 750.00 900.00

Scale of Synthesis & Yield
Oligo Scale of Synthesis and Typical Yield of Unmodified DNA Oligos*
  Crude Desalted RPC Purified** Gel Purified
20 mer oligo
Typical Yield
30 mer oligo
Typical Yield
50 mer oligo
Typical Yield


A260 Units



A260 Units



A260 Units



50 nmol

8-10 30+ 0.2-0.3 4-5 12+ 0.1-0.16 NR* [1-2] NR* [2-4] NR* [0.03-0.06]

200 nmol

20-25 80+ 0.6-0.8 8-12 24+ 0.26-0.4 4-6 8+ 0.13-0.2

1 umol

100-120 400+ 3-4 40-50 90+ 1.3-1.6 20-25 40+ 0.6-0.8

Purity & Yield

Purity is greater than 80%

depending on oligo sequence and structure. Refer to coupling efficiency table for oligo length dependent purity and yield.

No further purification required for PCR and sequencing applications.

Gel purification recommended for oligos above 50 mer and all applications involving cloning and mutagenesis.

**RPC is reverse phase purification using a cartridge; a substitue for HPLC.

Purity 85% to 95%

depending on oligo sequence and structure

Yield and Purity will be lower for sequences with high GC content

Not recommended for oligos longer than 35 mer.

**RPC is reverse phase purification using a cartridge; a substitue for HPLC.

Purity 98% to ~100%

depending on oligo sequence and structure

Yield will gradually decrease as length of oligo increases. Palindromes, hairpins and high GC content oligos and oligos containing stretches of 3 or more G's induce strong secondary structure and base stacking thus decreasing purity and yield.

*NR Not Recommended

*a. Typical yield stated in the table is for unmodified random sequence oligos. Reduction in yield is observed with high GC content oligos and those forming strong secondary structures.

b. Reduced yield is expected with modified oligos. The reduction percentage varies with modification type and number of sites. Typical reduction is 10%-20% per modified site.

c. Yield of 33µg/A260 unit for DNA oligos is calculated for an ~equimolar base composition. Long stretches of a single base or homopolymers will have variable yields. Example for homopolymeric 20 mer: dA(20) = ~25ug/A260 Unit; dC(20) = ~40ug/A260 Unit; dG(20) = ~32ug/A260 Unit and dT(20) = ~37 ug/A260 Unit

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