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picture of 8-Amino-dG

Modification : 8-Amino-dG

Catalog Reference Number
Modification Code
5 Prime
3 Prime
Molecular Weight (mw)
Extinction Coeficient (ec)
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Absorbance MAX
Emission MAX
Absorbance EC

Structural Studies

Catalog NoScalePrice
26-6534-0550 nmol$410.00
26-6534-02200 nmol$410.00
26-6534-011 umol$533.40
26-6534-032 umol$789.50
26-6534-1010 umol$4,267.20
26-6534-1515 umol$5,334.00

8-Amino-deoxyGuanosine (8-Amino-dG) is an 8-amino-purine that is most commonly used to study the structural and functional properties of triple helices. The 8-amino group is able to form an additional Hoogsteen purine-pyrimidine hydrogen bond, which serves to increase triple helix stability (1). 8-Amino-dG-modified oligonucleotides are also used in oxidative DNA damage/repair studies. The industrial solvent 2-nitropropane generates 8-Amino-dG as a DNA lesion, which in this initial study appears to be weakly mutagenic (2).

1. Cubero, E., Avino, A., de la Torre, B.G., Frieden, M., Eritja, R., Luque, F.J., Gonzalez, C., Orozco, M. Hoogsteen-based parallel-stranded duplexes of DNA. The effect of 8-amino derivatives. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2002), 124: 3133-3142.
2. Venkatarangan, L., Sivaprasad, A., Johnson, F., Basu, A.K. Site-specifically located 8-amino-2-deoxyguanosine: thermodynamic stability and mutagenic properties in Escherichia coli. Nucleic Acids Res. (2001), 29: 1458-1463.
- 8-Amino-dG

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