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Biotin deoxythymidine dT

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Modification : Biotin dT

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Catalog NoScalePrice
26-6424-0550 nmol$325.00
26-6424-02200 nmol$325.00
26-6424-011 umol$422.50
26-6424-032 umol$633.75
26-6424-1010 umol$3,380.00
26-6424-1515 umol$4,225.00
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5-9 sites/order 50% discount
10+ sites/order 60% discount
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Biotin-dT is a deoxythymidine nucleotide base attached to biotin through a long-chain alkyl spacer arm. Biotin-dT is typically used to label an oligonucleotide with biotin at an internal base position, though it can also be used for 5- and 3-end labeling as well. Internal biotin-labeling is necessary when an oligo needs to be captured or immobilized, but both ends are unavailable. A good example of this is the use of internal biotin-labeling to facilitate the immobilization of a molecular beacon on a glass slide (1). The internal labeling strategy can also be used to label a hybridization detection probe with several biotins to enhance detection of a target sequence with anti-biotin antibodies attached to colored particles (2), fluorescent dyes, or enzymes.

1. Fang, X., Liu, X., Schuster, S., Tan, W. Designing a novel molecular beacon for surface immobilized DNA hybridization studies. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (1999), 121: 2921-2922.
2. Dineva, M.A., Candotti, D., Fletcher-Brown, F., Allain, J-P., Lee, H. Simultaneous Visual Detection of Multiple Viral Amplicons by Dipstick Assay.J. Clin. Microbiol. (2005), 43: 4015-4021.
- Biotin deoxythymidine dT

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