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Promotions: Fluorescent Molecular Probes

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Gene Link specializes in the synthesis of complex modified oligos and probes with fluorescent dyes, RNA, chimeric including phosphorothioate modified linkages. Buy one get one free applies to same oligo type (RNA, DNA or chimeric), fluorophore, quencher and modifications. Price includes synthesis of DNA oligo and reverse phase purification. RNA, phosphorothioate and other modifications synthesis base charges apply. Gene Link considers gel purification to be the gold standard method of purification that yields greater than 98% purity and essential for optimum performance of fluorescent dye labeled oligonucleotides. Customers may request gel purification for an additional $25/probe.

Fluorescent Molecular Probes

Price includes reverse phase purification. Guaranteed yield for dye and quencher listed.

Probe Type & Dye/Quencher



5' 6-FAM/3' Tamra, BHQ1 or Dabcyl $120.00 5 nmol
5' HEX, TET, Cy3 or Cy5/3' BHQ Quencher $230.00 5 nmol
5' Cy3.5 or Cy5.5/3' BHQ Quencher $390.00 5 nmol
5' Cy7, ROX, Joe or Texas Red/3' BHQ Quencher $410.00 2 nmol
Other NHS Fluorohore/3' BHQ Quencher $490.00 2 nmol

*Use promotion code FP201608. Prices subject to change without notice. Price includes synthesis and reverse phase purification of DNA oligo up to 32mer. Molecular Beacon royalty charges are additional. Additional per base cost above 32mer. Offer can not be combined with existing discounted contract pricing.


**Black Hole Quencher License Agreement
"Black Hole Quencher", "BHQ-1", "BHQ-2" and "BHQ-3" are registered trademarks of Biosearch Technologies, Inc., Novato, CA. The BHQ technology is licensed and sold under agreement with Biosearch and these products are sold exclusively for R&D use by the purchaser. They may not be used for clinical or diagnostic purposes and they may not be resold, distributed or re-packaged

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