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Random Primers Cy3 labeled from Gene Link

 Random Primers Cy3 labeled

Random Primers are a mixture of oligonucleotides representing all possible sequence for that size. Random Primers can be used to prime synthesis in oligo-labeling similar to using hexamers and cDNA synthesis. Random prime labeling yields high specific activity labeled DNA probe which can be used for all southern, northern and in situ hybridization studies. Random Primers can be also used similar to using hexamers in cDNA synthesis in combination with oligo d(T) to yield more 5 end cDNA sequence.

Random primers as decamers have been used to detect DNA polymorphism. These polymorphisms, simply detected as DNA segments which amplify from one parent but not the other, are inherited in a Mendelian fashion and can be used to construct genetic maps in a variety of species. The authors suggested that these polymorphisms be called RAPD (pronounced RAPID) makers, after Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA.

   Catalog No.    ProductPDF GuideManualMSDSSizePrice.Quantity 
26-4000-215'-Cy3 Random Hexamer; 25 ug 25 ug$234.00
26-4000-22 5'-Cy3 Random Heptamer; 25 ug 25 ug$234.00
26-4000-235'-Cy3 Random Octamer; 25 ug 25 ug$234.00
26-4000-24 5'-Cy3 Random Nonamer; 25 ug 25 ug$234.00
26-4000-275'-Cy3 Random 15mer; 25 ug 25 ug$280.00
26-4000-26 5'-Cy3 Random 36mer; 25 ug 25 ug$280.00
26-4000-255'-Cy3 Random 60mer; 25 ug 25 ug$348.00
26-4001-23 5'-Cy3 Random Hexamers 72%GC; 25 ug 25 ug$348.00
26-4001-265'-Cy3 Random Nonamers 72%GC; 25 ug 25 ug$348.00
26-4001-27 5'-Cy3 Random 36mers 72%GC; 25 ug 25 ug$386.00
26-4001-285'-Cy3 Random 60mers 72%GC; 25 ug 25 ug$411.00
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