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2'-fluoroarabinoside-C (FANA-C)


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picture of 2'-fluoroarabinoside-C (FANA-C)

Modification : 2'-F-ANA-C

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27-6605C-0550 nmol$248.00
27-6605C-02200 nmol$248.00
27-6605C-011 umol$297.00
27-6605C-032 umol$335.00
27-6605C-065 umol$1,336.50
27-6605C-1010 umol$659.00
27-6605C-1515 umol$810.00
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Arabinonucleosides are epimers of ribonucleosides with the chiral switch being at the 2' position of the sugar residue. 2'-F-ANA adopts a more DNA-like B-type helix conformation, not through the typical C2-endo conformation but, rather, through an unusual O4'-endo (east) pucker. However, the presence of the electronegative fluorine leads to a still significant increase (DTm1.2oC/mod) in melting temperature per modification (1). 2'-F-ANA-containing oligonucleotides exhibit very high binding specificity to their targets. Indeed, a single mismatch in a 2'-F-ANA-RNA duplex leads to a DTm of -7.2oC and in a 2'-F-ANA - DNA duplex a DTm of -3.9oC (2).

The presence of fluorine at the 2' position in 2' F-ANA leads to increased stability to hydrolysis under basic conditions relative to RNA and even 2'-F-RNA (1,3). The stability of 2'-F-ANA to nucleases also makes this a useful modification for enhancing the stability of oligonucleotides in biological environments (2). 2' F-ANA hybridizes strongly to target RNA and, unlike most 2' modifications, induces cleavage of the target by RNase H. Phosphorothioate (PS) 2' F-ANA is routinely used in these applications due to its increased nuclease resistance. Alternating 2' F-ANA and DNA units provide among the highest potency RNase H-activating oligomers. Both the "altimer" and "gapmer" strand architectures consistently outperform PS-DNA and DNA/RNA gapmers (4).

siRNA oligos were found to tolerate the presence of 2'-F-ANA linkages very well. High potency gene silencing was demonstrated5 with siRNA chimeras containing 2'-F-RNA and/or LNA and 2'-F-ANA. The high efficacy of these chimeras was attributed to the combination of the rigid RNA-like properties of 2'-F-RNA and LNA with the DNA-like properties of 2'-F-ANA.

Additional Recommended Reading

Glen Report 22.13.


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  6. Intellectual Property

    2'-F-ANA is covered by intellectual property. Key patents covering siRNA and antisense applications are as follows: WO/2009/146556 (siRNA); WO 03064441 and WO 0220773 (antisense).

    - 2'-fluoroarabinoside-C (FANA-C)

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