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3'-rU (2'-5' linked)

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picture of 3'-rU (2'-5' linked)

Modification : 3'-rU (2'-5' linked)

Catalog Reference Number
Modification Code
5 Prime
3 Prime
Molecular Weight (mw)
Extinction Coeficient (ec)
Technical Info (pdf)
Absorbance MAX
Emission MAX
Absorbance EC

Minor Bases

Catalog NoScalePrice
26-6913-0550 nmol$88.40
26-6913-02200 nmol$88.40
26-6913-011 umol$114.92
26-6913-032 umol$172.38
26-6913-1010 umol$919.36
26-6913-1515 umol$1,149.20
26-6913-1515 umol$1,149.20
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Modification* Discount Price Structure
1 site/order List price
2 sites/order 10% discount
3 sites/order 20% discount
4 sites/order 30% discount
5-9 sites/order 50% discount
10+ sites/order 60% discount
*Exceptions apply

3'-ribouridine (3-rU)(2'-5' linked), and the other three 3-ribonucleotide (2,5-linked) modifications are used to substitute 2-5 phosphodiester linkages for the usual 3-5 phosphodiester linkages at some or all positions of an oligonucleotide. Oligonucleotides containing all, or primarily, 2,5-phosphodiester linkages selectively bind to complementary single-stranded 3,5-RNA over comparable 3,5-DNA (1). Presumably this selectively is a consequence of the 2,5-linkages destabilizing duplexes formed with 3,5-DNA more than those formed with 3,5-RNA, leading to 25-RNA:3,5-DNA duplexes having much lower Tm than the corresponding 25-RNA:3,5-RNA duplexes. This property means that RNA oligos containing such linkages could be useful in anti-sense applications, as ssRNA-specific probes, or as ligands for affinity purification of cellular RNA.

1. Giannaris, P.A.; Damha, M.J. Oligoribonucleotides containing 2,5-phosphodiester linkages exhibit binding selectivity for 3,5-RNA over 3,5-ssDNA. Nucleic Acids Res (1993), 21: 4742-4749.
- 3'-rU (2'-5' linked)

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