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N-POM Caged-dT

N-POM Caged-dT

Code : [N-POM-Cg-dT]

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Modification : N-POM Caged-dT

Catalog Reference Number
Modification Code
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3 Prime
Molecular Weight (mw)
Extinction Coeficient (ec)
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Absorbance MAX
Emission MAX
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Structural Studies

Catalog NoScalePrice
26-6563-0550 nmol$383.00
26-6563-02200 nmol$383.00
26-6563-011 umol$498.00
26-6563-032 umol$748.00
26-6563-1010 umol$3,987.00
26-6563-1515 umol$4,984.00
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Modification* Discount Price Structure
1 site/order List price
2 sites/order 10% discount
3 sites/order 20% discount
4 sites/order 30% discount
5-9 sites/order 50% discount
10+ sites/order 60% discount
*Exceptions apply

Photo Activation Modification

N-POM Caged-dT can be used in the synthesis of caged oligonucleotides whose function is restored after uncaging by UV light at a wavelength that causes no DNA damage. The NPOM-Caged-dT, where the nucleobase is caged with the photolabile group, 6-nitropiperonyloxymethyl (NPOM), which can be removed using UV light at 365nm. Oligonucleotides containing NPOM-Caged-dT every five or six bases do not hybridize to their complementary strand. Photo-uncaging of the caged oligonucleotide is then easily carried out with UV light at 365 nm for seconds to minutes to restore the activity of the oligonucleotide. - N-POM Caged-dT

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