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The Omni-PureTM Genomic Purification System
Application : Plant DNA Purification

An accompanying product manual contains a detailed protocol for the purification of genomic DNA from plant tissue. The protocol has been tested and yields high quality DNA. The gel picture shows genomic DNA extracted from plants such as ginger, green pepper, cilantro and carrot. This system is geared towards minute tissue samples. From 2 mg of tissue an average yield of 2-10 µg is expected. The DNA is suitable for all molecular biology applications.

Samples from various plant tissues were processed for DNA purification using the Omni-PureTM Plant DNA Purification System. Purified genomic DNA (~200 ng) was electrophoresed on a 0.7% agarose gel and stained with ethidium bromide. Observe high quality genomic DNA that ranges from ~30 to 50 kb in size. Lane 1 contains molecular weight markers followed by plant samples from ginger, green pepper, cilantro, blank lane, carrot and animal genomic DNA comparison samples from human, mouse and pig.

Omni-PureTM Plant DNA Purification Systems
Product Size Catalog No.
Omni-PureTM Plant DNA Purification System 100 40-4060-01
Omni-PureTM Plant DNA Purification System 500 40-4060-05
Omni-PureTM Plant DNA Purification System 1000 40-4060-10
Omni-PureTM Universal DNA Purification System 100 40-4070-01
Omni-PureTM Universal DNA Purification System 500 40-4070-05
Omni-PureTM Universal DNA Purification System 1000 40-4070-10

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