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The Omni-PureTM Plasmid Purification System
Application : Microbial DNA Purification

The microbial DNA purification system is ideal for DNA purification of pathogen DNA in the easy spin column format. Purification from sputum and other bodily fluids is rapidly performed using this system. The pathogen DNA can be directly used in qualitative and quantitative amplification protocols for detection of a pathogen.

Microbial DNA purification followed by amplification of a specific fragment using zero, 10, 20, 50 & 100 ng of template DNA.

Omni-PureTM Microbial DNA Purification Systems
Product Size Catalog No.
Omni-PureTM Microbial DNA Purification System 100 40-3720-01
Omni-PureTM Microbial DNA Purification System 500 40-3720-05

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