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Thymidine Ribo

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Modification : Thymidine Ribo

Catalog Reference Number
Modification Code
5 Prime
3 Prime
Molecular Weight (mw)
Extinction Coeficient (ec)
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Absorbance MAX
Emission MAX
Absorbance EC

Minor Bases

Catalog NoScalePrice
27-6946-0550 nmol$168.35
27-6946-02200 nmol$168.35
27-6946-011 umol$218.85
27-6946-032 umol$328.27
27-6946-1010 umol$1,750.80
27-6946-1515 umol$2,188.50

Thymidine Ribo (ribothymidine (rT), 5-methyl-rU) is the ribonucleotide version of thymidine, and is used to modify structural RNA, especially tRNA, for use in enzyme-RNA structural and kinetics studies. Ribothymidine is the most common methylated ribonucleoside found in prokaryotic tRNA, typically at the 23rd position from the 3-end in the nucleotide sequence G-T-PseudoU-C-Purine (1). By contrast, in eukaryotic class D tRNAs, unmodified uridine is always found at that position; the presence of rT there reduces protein synthesis efficiency in vitro (2). Roe and Tsen found that, for class C mammalian tRNAs, that is, tRNAs having varying amounts of rT and U at position 23, the rate and extent of protein synthesis are proportional to the rT content of the tRNA, with an increase in rT leading to a proportional increase in the Vmax of the synthesis reaction (3). A recent review of work involving rT-modified RNA substrates is found in (4).

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2. Marcu, K.B., Dudock, B.S. Effect of ribothymidine in specific eukaryotic tRNAs on their efficiency in in vitro protein synthesis.Nture (1976), 261: 159-162.
3. Roe, B.A., Tsen, H.Y. Role of ribothymidine in mammalian tRNAPhe Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (1977), 74:3696-3700.
4. Hur, S., Stroud, R.M., Finer-Moor, J. Substrate Recognition by RNA 5-Methyluridine Methyltransferases and Pseudouridine Synthases: A Structural Perspective. J. Biol. Chem. (2005), 281:38969-38973.
- Thymidine Ribo

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