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Inverted rG (reverse linkage)

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Modification : Inverted rG (reverse linkage)

Catalog Reference Number
Modification Code
5 Prime
3 Prime
Molecular Weight (mw)
Extinction Coeficient (ec)
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Absorbance MAX
Emission MAX
Absorbance EC

Minor Bases

Catalog NoScalePrice
27-6443-0550 nmol$187.00
27-6443-02200 nmol$187.00
27-6443-011 umol$415.00
27-6443-032 umol$686.00
27-6443-1010 umol$3,320.00
27-6443-1515 umol$4,150.00
Discounts are available for Inverted rG (reverse linkage)!
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1 site/order List price
2 sites/order 10% discount
3 sites/order 20% discount
4 sites/order 30% discount
5-9 sites/order 50% discount
10+ sites/order 60% discount
*Exceptions apply

Reverse synthesis can be achieved by incorporation modifications where the synthesis orientation can be changed as desired. Oligo can be designed for the production of 5'-5' or 3'-3' linkages or a combination of these in the same oligo. These modified phosphodiester linkage modified oligos are useful in antisense studies, or to synthesize oligonucleotide segments in the opposite sense from normal synthesis, for structural studies.

Having a single inverted base at the 3' position with a 3'-3' linkage imparts the oligo exonuclease resistance and prevents extension by polymerases as there is no free 3' hydroxyl group to initiate synthesis.

- Inverted rG (reverse linkage)

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