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 Sickle Cell GenemerTM; 2 nmoles
Catalog No. ProductPDF Guide Manual MSDS SizePrice.Quantity 
40-2001-10Sickle Cell GenemerTM; 2 nmoles 2 nmols$130.00

GenemerTM are optimized primer pairs for amplification of the gene fragment of interest, particularly those spanning a mutation. A wide range is available from single base pair mutation sites, the complex triple repeat disorders and various pathogens. GenemerTM kits are complete, easy-to-use systems for reliable genotyping of large repeats in certain triple repeat disorder. The GenemerTM product contains primer pair that is sufficient for 400 regular 50 ul amplifications. The GenemerTM Kit contains reagents as well as control DNA sufficient for 100 amplifications.

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