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 Factor VIII (Hemophilia) Genemer™ Kit; 1 Kit
This product has been discontinued. Please call 1-800-GENE-LINK for more information.
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40-2036-11Factor VIII (Hemophilia) Genemer™ Kit; 1 Kit 1 Kit$390.00

Genemer™ are optimized primer pairs for amplification of the gene fragment of interest, particularly those spanning a mutation. A wide range is available from single base pair mutation sites, the complex triple repeat disorders and various pathogens. Genemer™ kits are complete, easy-to-use systems for reliable genotyping of large repeats in certain triple repeat disorder. The Genemer™ product contains 10 nmols of the primer pair that is sufficient for 400 regular 50 µl amplifications. The Genemer™ Kit contains reagents as well as control DNA sufficient for 100 amplifications.

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