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 Friedreich Ataxia 110 GAA Genemer Control DNA; 500 ng
Catalog No. ProductPDF Guide Manual MSDS SizePrice.Quantity 
40-2027-03Friedreich Ataxia 110 GAA Genemer Control DNA; 500 ng 500 ng$240.00

A tube containing 500 ng of lyophilized control DNA segment. The control DNAs contains varying triple repeats. These are specific DNA templates for Gene Links Genemer and PCRProber products. The above control DNA is an ideal genotyping template for optimizing and performing control amplification with unknown DNA. The size of the triple repeats has been determined by sequencing and gel electrophoresis. The stability of size repeats upon cloning and amplification has NOT been determined. Thus, the size should be considered approximate and there is no claim for each fragment to contain the exact number of triple repeats. The quantity supplied is sufficient for 1000 regular 50ul PCR reaction.

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