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GScan<sup>TM</sup> Gene Detection Kits from Gene Link

 GScanTM Gene Detection Kits

Gene Link's GScanTM gene detection products are safe, convenient and sensitive, and afford automated compilation of data. Kits are available for reliable genotyping of the Fragile X, Huntington's Disease, Myotonic dystrophy and other triple repeat mutation group disorders. The kits contain optimized PCR amplification reagents and a wide array of fluorescent-labeled primers for genotyping after PCR using fluorescent genetic analyzer instrument. Included in these kits are ready-to-run control samples of various repeats of the triple repeat disorder kit. These control samples are for calibration with the molecular weight markers for accurate size determination of the amplified fragments. The GScanTM kits are simple and robust for routine triple-repeat detection of greater than 100 repeats of all triple repeat disorders listed.

   Catalog No.    ProductPDF GuideManualMSDSSizePrice.Quantity 
40-2025-15FMHuntington Disease GScanTM 6-FAM Kit; 1 Kit 1 Kit$837.00
40-2025-15FMS Huntington Disease GScanTM 6-FAM Kit (20rxns); 1 Kit 1 Kit$245.00
40-2026-15FMMyotonic Dystrophy GScanTM 6-FAM Kit; 1 Kit 1 Kit$837.00
40-2026-15FMS Myotonic Dystrophy GScanTM 6-FAM Kit (20rxns); 1 Kit 1 Kit$245.00
40-2027-15FMFriedreich's Ataxia GScan V2 6-FAM Kit; 1 Kit 1 Kit$837.00
40-2027-15FMS Friedreich's Ataxia GScanTM V2 6-FAM Kit. (20rxns); 1 Kit 1 Kit$245.00
40-2038-15FMSSCA2 GScanTM Fam Kit Ver3; 20 reactions. 1 Kit$245.00
40-2038-15FM SCA2 GScanTM 6-FAM Kit Ver3, 100 reactions 1 Kit$837.00
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