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GeneProber<sup>TM</sup> from Gene Link


The GeneProberTM product line is based on the chemiluminescent Southern blot detection method. Gene Links non-radioactive detection systems for genotyping of triple repeat disorders are rapid, reliable and as sensitive as the 32P labeled southern blots. No more decayed probes and radioactive exposure. Kits are available for reliable genotyping of the Fragile X, Huntingtons Disease, Myotonic dystrophy and other triple repeat mutation group disorders. Unlabeled GeneProberTM probes are also available for radio labeling and radioactive based detection. Gene Link strongly recommends the use of non-radioactive gene detection systems. Consider switching to Gene Links product line of non-radioactive detection systems.

   Catalog No.    ProductPDF GuideManualMSDSSizePrice.Quantity 
40-2004-41Fragile X CGG Repeat Genotyping GeneProberTM Digoxigenin labeled ; 110 uL 110 uL$673.00
40-2056-41 Mouse mtDNA Genotyping GeneProber GL576 Digoxigenin Labeled 110 uL$673.00
40-2057-41ALS C9orf72 hexanucleotide expansion Genotyping GeneProber ALS-GL577 110 uL$673.00
40-2058-41 Mouse 18S rDNA genomic GeneProber Digoxigenin Labeled 110 uL$673.00
40-2004-40Fragile X Syndrome GeneProber unlabeled Probe; 500 ng 500 ng$546.00
40-2054-41 FRAXE/FMR2/AFF2 CCG Repeat Genotyping GeneProberTM AFF2-AJ31Dig1 110 uL$673.00
40-2025-40Huntington GeneProber unlabeled probe; 500 ng 500 ng$546.00
40-2025-41 Huntington CAG Repeat Genotyping GeneProberTM Digoxigenin labeled; 110 uL 110 uL$673.00
40-2026-41Myotonic Dystrophy CTG Repeat Genotyping GeneProberTM Digoxigenin labeled ; 110 uL 110 uL$673.00
40-2026-40 Myotonic Dystrophy GeneProber GLDM4 unlabeled Probe; 500 ng 500 ng$546.00
40-2027-41Friedreich's Ataxia GAA Repeat Genotyping GeneProberTM Digoxigenin label; 110 uL 110 uL$673.00
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