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For over a decade Gene Link has been providing researchers with the finest genetic research tools. Consistently maintaining our reputation and responsibility to supply quality products, we present our entire line with unrivaled confidence. Our products and services are supported and ensured by our commitment to premium quality and our constant efforts to introduce innovative products and cutting edge technology to the research community worldwide.
Gene Link fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty by stressing personal relationships with our customers. Our dedicated and expertly trained customer service and technical support teams are motivated to serve our customers in any way possible. We stay committed and connected to our customers who have entrusted us with supplying the tools they need.
Gene Link has developed, and will continue to preserve, a reputation for “Quality, Consistency and Confidence.”

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dna and rna oligo synthesis fragile x detection rnai and sirna for demanding applications and consistent results. Our products feature dna and rna oligo synthesis fragile x detection rnai and sirna