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 SmartBase™ Fluorescent Molecular Probes
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SB-FMPSmartBase™ Fluorescent Molecular Probes 1 each$0.00

Gene Link presents various design options for synthesizing effective and enhanced performing probes using modified bases. SmartBase™ Fluorescent Molecular Probes can be synthesized in a predetermined way to exhibit the features that is desired; for instance to increase duplex stability 2’-fluoro C and U bases and 5-methyl dC and 2-Amino dA can be substituted, for nuclease resistance the phosphodiester linkages can be selectively substituted with phosphorothioate and for cellular delivery we may add cholesterol to the synthetic oligonucleotide sequence or modify with thiol or amine for post synthesis conjugation with Cell Penetrating Peptides (CPP’s) that are known to aid transport and facilitate cellular uptake.

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