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 pChromo-ZeoC; 10 ug
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40-2201ZC-01pChromo-ZeoC; 10 ug 10 ug$742.00

pChromoTM -ZeoC (Zeomycin resistant, Chromo-Tag C)

Chromovert Technology is a new research tool for rapid creation of stable cell lines. The technology utilizes fluorogenic oligonucleotide signaling probes and flow cytometry to detect and isolate individual living cells expressing one or more genes.
a) cDNAs are subcloned for expression of mRNAs comprising 3' untranslated plasmid encoded Chromo- Tag$trade; sequences for detection using fluorogenic oligonucleotide signaling probes. Protein expression products remain untagged.
b) To create cell lines, one or more Chromo-Tagged cDNAs are transfected into cells, the transfected cells are exposed to differentially-labeled signaling probes and individual positive cells are isolated using flow cytometry. Downstream testing is used to select final cell lines.

For more information, go to Secondcell Bio, LLC. Research materials, including fluorogenic probes and pChromoTM Plasmids comprising Chromo-TagsTM, are licensed for research purposes only. An individual license for commercial use may be obtained by contacting Secondcell Bio, LLC at cells@secondcellbio.com. Gene Link in collaboration with Secondcell Bio, LLC is making these products available for research use only without further licensing.
Chromovert Technology is a registered trademark of Chromocell Corporation. Chromo-TagTM probes and pChromoTM Plasmids are trademarks of Secondcell Bio, LLC.

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