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Duplex Stability and Nuclease Resistance

Duplex Stability Modifications
Modification Molecular Structure Duplex Stability Nuclease Resistance Chemical Characteristics
Phosphorothioate Hybridizes to the target sequences with lesser affinity than oligos with phosphodiester backbone Imparts resistance to nuclease degradation Modification of the phosphodiester bond by replacing one of the non-bridging oxygens by sulfur
Propyne Analogs Increased binding affinity to the target sequence and increased stability Increased nuclease resistance C-5 propyne analogs of dC and dT
2'-O methyl RNA Binding similar to DNA bases Increased 2'O-methyl at the 2' hydroxyl position
5-me-dC Increased Similar to DNA C-5 methylated dC
2-Amino dA Increased Similar to DNA 2-amino dA
2'-F bases Increased Substantially increased Fluoro at the 2' position
2'-5' linked oligos Increased binding efficiency Increased 2'-5' phosphodiester linkages and 3' deoxy
Chimeric Substantially increased Substantially increased Properties based on modifications used
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