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 Lumisol I, Hybridization Solution; 200 mL
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40-5022-20Lumisol I, Hybridization Solution; 200 mL

Product Description: Lumisol I is a ready-to-use conventional hybridization solution based on the classic formulation containing 50% formamide. It is toxic and a proper safe handling procedure is required for use and disposal. Wear appropriate gloves and safety glasses. Always use in a chemical fume hood when working with concentrated solutions of formamide. Applications Lumisol I hybridization solution can be used for all stringent types of nucleic acid blot hybridization conditions, particularly using radioactive labeled probes. Lumisol I hybridization solution can be used for prehybridization and hybridization. The hybridization temperature should be calculated for proper results. Duration of hybridization can be reduced to 6 hours and overnight hybridization can be used for high sensitivity requirements and for convenience. /

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