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 TCEP 0.5M solution; 10 mL
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40-5116-C0010TCEP 0.5M solution; 10 mL

TCEP (tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine) is a component in Gene Link Omni-Pure RNA purification kits (40-4090-XX and 40-4080-XX). It is used as reducing agent to break disulfide bonds in RNase A and thus ensure high yield of RNA extraction by inhibiting RNase A activity.
TCEP is also recommended for reducing thiol labeled siRNA and other oligonucleotides.
It is 100X concentrated for use at 10 uL/mL to reduce RNase disulfide bonds and use at 0.1M for thiol disulfide bonds in oligos to reduce to SH bonds.

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