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 Glycogen Solution 10 mg/mL; 500 mL
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40-5112-50Glycogen Solution 10 mg/mL; 500 mL

Effective DNA and RNA precipitation with the use of monovalent salts and ethanol or isopropanol is dependent on its concentration. DNA and specifically RNA precipitation at a concentration of less than 50 ng/mL is usually not quantitative and the pellet is not clearly visible leading to unreliable recovery.
Addition of glycogen or linear acrylamide as a carrier/coprecipitant aids in quantitative recovery and specifically clear visibility pf the pellet. Glycogen does not interfere with spectrophotometric readings, electrophoresis, and most molecular biology enzymatic applications including PCR.
Usage: 1 μL (10 μg) of 10mg/mL glycogen solution is adequate for 500 μL DNA or RNA solution.
Glycogen origin: Glycogen is a highly purified polysaccharide derived from oysters.
Specification: Molecular biology grade. Glycogen solution supplied is validated DNase and RNase free. Glycogen solution may contain remnant nucleic acids.

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