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 Potassium Acetate 3M pH 5.5; DNA & RNA Precipitation Solution; 50 mL
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40-5133-05Potassium Acetate 3M pH 5.5; DNA & RNA Precipitation Solution; 50 mL

3M Potassium Acetate pH 5.5 DNA & RNA Precipitation Solution; Catalog No.: 40-5133-50
1. Potassium acetate is particularly useful in the precipitation of RNA for cell-free translation as it avoids the addition of sodium ions.
2. Precipitates proteins so should be avoided if solution contains high amount of protein.
3. Avoid using with DNA and RNA solutions containing SDS. Potassium salt of SDS is very insoluble.
Usage: 0.3 M Potassium Acetate final concentration and 2 to 2.5 volume ethanol. Routine precipitation of DNA or RNA at Concentrations ≥20 ng/mL.

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