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 RNase A solution DNase Free. 10 mg/ml 1 ml; 10 mg
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40-5101-01RNase A solution DNase Free. 10 mg/ml 1 ml; 10 mg

RNase A is purified from bovine pancreas. RNase A is an endonuclease that specifically cleaves single-stranded RNA at 3' phosphate linkages of pyrimidine (uracil or cytosine) residues leaving pyrimidine 3' phosphates and RNA oligonucleotides with terminal pyrimidine 3' phosphates. This enzyme does not require co-factors and divalent cations for the activity and it does not hydrolyze DNA as DNA lacks 2′-OH groups essential for the formation of cyclic intermediates. Supplied in ready to use solution of 2 mg/mL in 50mM Tris-HCl pH 7.4 and 50% glycerol; 4 L is sufficient for routine RNase treatment to digest RNA in 1.5 mL plasmid mini preps. A high concentration solution of 10 mg/ml is also available.

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