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 Nuclease Free Water (DEPC Free) 10 X 1.6 mL; 16 mL
Catalog No. ProductPDF Guide
40-3001-16Nuclease Free Water (DEPC Free) 10 X 1.6 mL; 16 mL

Gene Link DEPC treated water and Nuclease Free water (DEPC free) has been treated and autoclaved water that are certified to be free of nucleases and nucleic acids. DEPC treated water still has a residual distinct smell and is recommended specifically for RNA applications. Nuclease Free water (DEPC free) has not been treated with DEPC and is certified for all molecular biology applications requiring nuclease and nucleic acid free water. The smaller 1.6 mL product size is specifically recommended for RT-PCR (QPCR) applications. Quality Control includes RT-PCR, standard PCR and RNA gels without any degradation certifies the product to free of non-specific endonuclease, exonuclease and RNase activity.

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