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 MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor
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26-2204-02MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor 2 nmols$365.00

Lipid modified oligos (LMO; lignoceric, palmitic, cholesterol etc.); These LMO rapidly and stably incorporate into the plasma membrane of live cells by step-wise assembly. McGinnis, C. et al. (1) adapted LMOs into MULTI-seq: scRNA-seq (single-cell) and snRNA-seq (single-nucleus) sample multiplexing using lipid-tagged indices. MULTI-seq localizes sample barcodes to live cells and nuclei regardless of species or genetic background while preserving cell viability and endogenous gene expression patterns.

MULTI-Seq LMO Lig Anchor and MULTI-Seq LMO Palm Co-Anchor oligos are lignoceric and palmitic acid conjugated oligos as described by McGinnis, C. et al. (1)

Gene Link also offers custom conjugation of Lignoceric and Palmitic acid to other sequences. Contact Gene Link at support@genelink.com for custom modified oligos.

1. McGinnis, C. et al. MULTI-seq: sample multiplexing for single-cell RNA sequencing using lipid-tagged indices. Nat. Methods 16, 619-626 (2019).

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