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 Agarose HiRes Ultra Pure Molecular Biology Grade; 100 g
This product has been discontinued. Please call 1-800-GENE-LINK for more information.
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40-3015-10Agarose HiRes Ultra Pure Molecular Biology Grade; 100 g 100 g$271.00

Agarose HiRes is certified Ultra Pure molecular biology grade DNase and RNase-free agarose powder. It is specifically recommended for resolution of short fragments ranging in size between 20 bp and 800 bp and is an excellent substitute for polyacrylamide electrophoresis for resolution of short DNA fragments. HiRes Agarose is commonly used for electrophoretic resolution of fragments obtained from amplification of short tandem repeats (STRs), di, tri and tetra-nucleotide repeats, and other polymorphic loci.

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