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 Omni-Clean™ Gel DNA Beads Purification System; 100 purification
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40-4110-10Omni-Clean™ Gel DNA Beads Purification System; 100 purification

Purification of DNA from agarose gels and concentration of DNA by ethanol precipitation are routine protocols used in all molecular biology laboratories. The Omni-Clean™ system provides optimized reagents for rapid extraction of DNA from agarose gels, and for routine concentration of DNA. The DNA is concentrated, purified and completely salt-free. The Omni-Clean™ DNA Purification System takes advantage of the principle that DNA binds to powdered flint glass in the presence of chaotropic salts. This technique provides a rapid and efficient method for the purification of high quality DNA from solutions or agarose gel slices, and is suitable for cloning, sequencing, isotope labeling, and a host of other procedures.

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