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 Alpha-linolyl (C18:3a) CPG; 1000 A; 0.1 gm
Catalog No. ProductPDF Guide
26-6784C1-01Alpha-linolyl (C18:3a) CPG; 1000 A; 0.1 gm

Gene Link offers a wide range of lipid modified oligos for cellular delivery. Click here to see the complete list.

Lipid modified oligos (LMO; lignoceric, palmitic, cholesterol, Propionyl (C3) PA, Butyl (C4) BA, Linolyl (C18:2) LA, Alpha‐linolyl (C18:3α) ALA, Gamma‐linolyl (C18:3γ) GLA, Dihomo‐gamma‐linolyl (C20:3) DGLA, Arachidonyl (C20:4) AA, Eicosapent (20:5) EPA etc.). Oligonucleotides are predominantly hydrophilic species and require help in permeating cell membranes. One strategy to improve cellular uptake of therapeutic oligonucleotides is to conjugate them with non-toxic, lipophilic molecules. Gene Link offers cholesteryl TEG, alpha-tocopherol and stearyl labelling of oligonucleotides and this strategy has proved to be useful for delivering therapeutic oligonucleotides to a broad distribution of targets.

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