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 Ammonium Acetate 7.5M DNA & RNA Precipitation Solution; 50 mL
Catalog No. ProductPDF Guide
40-5135-05Ammonium Acetate 7.5M DNA & RNA Precipitation Solution; 50 mL

Ammonium Acetate: 7.5M Ammonium Acetate DNA & RNA Precipitation Solution; Catalog No.: 40-5135-05
1. Volatile solution, do not autoclave.
2. Preferred salt in high dNTPs and oligosaccharides content solutions as these remain in solution.
3. Avoid using if kinasing as ammonium ions inhibit polynucleotide kinase.
4. Ammonium acetate 2.5M with ethanol precipitates DNA while carbohydrates and dNTPs remain in solution. BR>Usage: 2.5 M Ammonium Acetate final concentration and 2.5 volume ethanol for RNA Routine precipitation of DNA or RNA at Concentrations ≥20 ng/mL.

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