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 Linear Acrylamide Solution (Linear polyacrylamide, LPA; 5mg/mL); 1 mL
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40-5113-01Linear Acrylamide Solution (Linear polyacrylamide, LPA; 5mg/mL); 1 mL

Linear Acrylamide Solution (Linear polyacrylamide, LPA; 5mg/mL); Catalog No.: 40-5113-01
Effective DNA and RNA precipitation with the use of monovalent salts and ethanol or isopropanol is dependent on its concentration. DNA and specifically RNA precipitation at a concentration of less than 50 ng/mL is usually not quantitative and the pellet is not clearly visible leading to unreliable recovery. Addition of linear acrylamide as a carrier/coprecipitant aids in quantitative recovery and specifically clear visibility pf the pellet. Linear acrylamide does not interfere with spectrophotometric readings, electrophoresis, and most molecular biology enzymatic applications including PCR. Linear acrylamide is prepared synthetically and is guaranteed free of all nucleic acids, DNase, RNase and proteases.
Usage: 1 -2μL (5-10 μg) of 5mg/mL Linear acrylamide (LPA) solution is adequate for 500 μL DNA or RNA solution.
Linear polyacrylamide pellet does not stick tightly on the bottom of microfuge tube. Be careful not to discard pellet when you remove supernatant. Linear acrylamide (LPA) solution origin: Synthetic prepared in nuclease free molecular biology grade water. Specification: Molecular biology grade. Linear acrylamide (LPA) solution supplied is validated DNase, RNase, protease and nucleic acid free.

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