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 Gold Surface Thiol Oligo Conjugation
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THIOL_AUGold Surface Thiol Oligo Conjugation

Thiol-modified oligos can be conjugated to a variety of fluorescent or non-fluorescent molecules; the conjugation chemistry here is typically either maleimide or iodoacetamide-based. The orthogonality of the corresponding conjugation chemistries for amine and thiol groups allows for the synthesis of oligos with novel combinations of modifications. Thiol-modified oligos can also be immobilized to glass slides, gold flat surfaces or microspheres for use in DNA microarray, nanoelectronic and DNA sensor-based applications. However, because the chemical linkage between a single thiol group and gold is somewhat labile, the DTPA (dithiolphosphoramidite) modification permits multiple tethering of an oligo to a gold surface. Incorporation of three units of DTPA has been shown to provide maximum stability.

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