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 GAPDH A Human/Mouse/RatRT-PCRmer™ (F1/R1) RT-PCRmer; 10 nmols
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40-1005-10GAPDH A Human/Mouse/RatRT-PCRmer™ (F1/R1) RT-PCRmer; 10 nmols

RT-PCRmerTM are primer pairs for specific amplification of cDNA. Glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase (G3PDH), like ß-actin, is ubiquitously expressed and serves as a positive control for northern and other expression studies. These are generally used as controls for measuring cDNA synthesis efficiency by reverse transcription and as controls for mRNA (cDNA) quantitative expression studies. The enclosed human G3PDH RT-PCRmerTM are supplied as a lyophilized powder in aliquots of 10nmols. The 10 nmols of primer when dissolved in 500 µl sterile water or TE will give a solution of 20 µMolar i.e. 20 pmols/µl. The quantity supplied is sufficient for at least 400 regular 25 µl PCR reaction* for ethidium bromide stained visualization. The amplified product may also be detected by hybridization using Gene Link OligoProberTM with either a free 5' OH (Catalog No. 40-1105-02) for 32P labeling or biotinylated probe (Catalog No. 40-1105-03) for non-radioactive detection.

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