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 OligoProber™ Biotinylated Human beta-actin; 2 nmols
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40-1111-02OligoProber™ Biotinylated Human beta-actin; 2 nmols

OligoProber are specific oligonucleotide probes for hybridization to its cognate species. These are specially suited for use in conjunction with Gene Link RT-PCRmers as the complementary target sequence is in the amplified sequence. The OligoProber can also be used for all northern blots. OligoProber are available for use as hybridization probes with either 5’OH for 32P labeling or with 3’ biotin or digoxigenin for non-radioactive detection. The OligoProber is supplied as a lyophilized powder in aliquots of 2 nmoles. The 2 nmoles of probe when dissolved in 100uL sterile water or TE will give a solution of 20 uMolar i.e. 20 pmoles/uL.

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