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Gene Construction

Gene Link is pleased to provide Custom Gene Construction as a service. Gene Link is committed to provide superior quality products and custom services. The Custom Gene Construction Service is geared towards providing customers with the guaranteed clone of the requested gene construct. This service will soon establish itself as an exceptional service in Quality, Consistency and Confidence.

The following categories of Gene Construction service are provided.

Up to 1000 base pairs    $7.00/base pair (minimum charge for 1kb)

1000-3000 base pairs     $9.00/base pair

over 3000 base pairs      $11.00/base pair

General Description:

            Gene construction at Gene Link is performed by synthesizing overlapping oligonucleotides of 80-100bases with sticky overhangs. Appropriate oligos are phosphorylated which will be used for ligation. In general, the scheme given below is followed.

1.       The customer supplied sequence is broken down into 80-100mers with 6-10 base overhangs. These oligos are checked for secondary structure and hybridization patterns using oligo analysis software.

2.       The synthesized oligos are purified using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The purified oligos are annealed in pairs and ligated sequentially. The ligated longer fragments are gel purified and ligated again as required to obtain the complete construct.

3.       The construct is digested with appropriate restriction enzyme(s) followed by gel purification for subsequent ligation to the vector.

4.       Transformed colonies are selected and processed for plasmid purification and sequencing

Material Supplied

  1. Oligo synthesis reports.
  2. Individual sequencing electropherograms and sequence.
  3. Aligned and sequence assembly data.
  4. Purified plasmid at ~100ng/ml.
  5. Plate with colony purified clone.

 Gene Construction includes all of the above and design of oligos

Full Page View of Gene Construction Figure

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